New World Notes: #610 -- The Terror Threat, Part 3, Segment 1

4 days 23 hours ago
An important and highly listenable exploration of the meaning of "terrorism" and the many aspects of life affected by terrorist behavior. The exploration reveals remarkable similarities in the acts and goals of Al Qaeda, The US government, the Fortune 500, and others. Topics woven together in Part 3 include media bias and complicity, the US war (for oil) against Afghanistan, how private banks control national currencies, and Hannah Arendt's views on totalitarianism. (Continued ...)
Kenneth Dowst

The Sunrise Ocean Bender: Light on the Light, Segment 1

5 days 12 hours ago
label // radio // // Sunrise Ocean Bender sets sail Thursdays, 9-11 pm EST, on WRIR 97.3 ( to find something for your ears, and something for your head … psych rock and pop, prog, kosmische, space rock … detours … There might be a map, but the destination is up for grabs.
dr. atavist

The Sonic Cafe: Sonic Cafe #160/The Good Morning Show!, Segment 1

6 days 6 hours ago
Sonic Café with music from Norah Jones, So ahh good morning, I’m your host Scott Clark and this is episode 160. Though maybe it’s not morning for you, somewhere on this big planet there’s a guy hitting the snooze button right now. This time the Sonic Café welcomes the new day with a mix of eclectic tunes pulled from 41 years, listen for Sparks, 10cc, the Grateful Dead, John Legend, Tony Bennett and many more including Irish hip hop from House of Pain, and the Pancake Rap, from ahh, some White Nerdy Kid. Then later comedian Jim Gaffigan explores why it’s wrong to eat cake at breakfast, unless of course you’re cakes are pancakes. Oh and a big Sonic Café welcome to our newest sponsor. Listen for a word from Little Chocolate Donuts. Be a champion, start your day with a cigarette and a heaping helping of Little Chocolate Donuts. All that and some other neat stuff too, just ahead as we kick off the day here at that little café on the coast, featuring Little Chocolate Donuts… this weeks breakfast special, here at the Sonic Café.
Scott Clark

Radio Curious: Amy Bloom – Love as Creator, Segment 1

6 days 17 hours ago
Love Invents Us Amy Bloom is a Connecticut-based author and psychotherapist and the author of a novel entitled “Love Invents Us.” This book, the enactment of psychological theory about human behavior, also traces the intimate details in the life of Elizabeth Howe from her childhood to middle age. I spoke with Amy Bloom by phone while she was on tour to discuss ‘Love Invents Us” and asked her, “how does love invent us?” Amy Bloom recommends “Seeing Calvin Coolidge in a Dream,” by John Derbyshire. Originally Broadcast: February 12, 1997
Radio Curious - Barry Vogel

The Michael Slate Show: Andy Zee and Bo Login, #OUTNOW; Artist Dread Scott, Slave Rebellion Re-Enactment, Segment 1

1 week ago
Andy Zee and Bo Login, from the Revolution Club LA and a veteran of the Iraq War, join us to talk about the #OUTNOW Movement, which is seeking to mobilize hundreds and then thousands of people to be in the streets to demand that the Trump-Pence regime must go. Dread Scott, revolutionary artist, on the Slave Rebellion Re-enactment, a re-enactment of the Louisiana Slave Rebellion of 1811, the largest slave rebellion in history.
Michael Slate

This Week In Palestine: Dr. Suheir Daoud on the Resistance Led by Palestinian Women Citizens of Israel, Segment 1

1 week ago
As Daoud points out, there has been little or no discussion of the impact of Israel's repression on Palestinian women, including those like herself who are citizens of Israel. In this talk at the Palestine Center in Washington DC, she discusses Palestinian women's forced role change from mothering to working -- for Jewish Israelis or their businesses. She discusses the resistance led by women during different phases since Israel’s inception. She also mentions her recent research on women in the Islamic movement and the challenges they face from within the Palestinian society and from the implications of Israel's recently imposed, draconian, "nation state law."
Truth & Justice Radio (WZBC)