TUC Radio: Reclaiming Native American History: The Yuki of Thule Valley, Segment 1

2 months 4 weeks ago
The events of 2020, the toppling of statues and discoveries of hidden history reminded me of events in early 2000 - soon after I moved my radio production and micro power transmitter to Mendocino County. The State Historic Marker at the entrance to the Round Valley Indian Reservation in Northern CA read: “This valley was discovered by Frank M. Asbill arriving from Eden Valley, on May 15, 1854. During the same year, Charles Kelsey from Clear Lake also visited it, and George E White sighted it from Blue Nose” There is another account of the history of that day that is undisputed fact but forgotten. On May 15, 1854, the Yuki, inhabitants of the valley for over 12000 years, discovered six white men on their land. Led by Pierce Asbill the men opened fire and killed 40 of them. The Asbills returned a year later and captured 35 Yuki women and sold them as slaves to gold miners. In the Spring of 2000 an effort was begun to rewrite the language on the Marker and officially re-cast the bronze plaque. TUC Radio joined the groups in the Fall of 2000, just in time for the first public meeting at the American Legion Hall in Round Valley. Descendants of the original Yuki people had come as well as Wylaki whose great grandparent had been force marched to the valley by the cavalry. This is a moving collection of authentic voices - much spoken from the heart. All have the ambience of their circumstances, the echo of the Legion Hall, a speaker hiding from the microphone, hesitating to be heard. Kitchen noises from the North Fork Cafe. Ranchers leaning against the back wall remarking that the Indians had crossed the line. But on March 21, 2002, California Registered Historical Landmark No. 674 was replaced with this: “The first inhabitants of Round Valley were the Yuki who resided here for thousands of years in harmony with their natural surroundings. In 1854, European settlers entered the valley. In 1856, conflicts between settlers and Yuki escalated and to protect local tribes the entire watershed was designated a reservation. Additional tribes were subsequently forced on the property: Nomlacki, Wylaki, Lassik, Sinkyone, Pomo (including Cahto, Kabeyo, Shodakai, Yokayo, Shokawa, Shanel, Kashaya, and Habenapo among others), Wappo, Concow Maidu, Colusa, and Achumawi. In 1864, the government reduced the reservation by four-fifths, to its current size.” And even this improvement leaves more opportunities for the future.
Maria Gilardin

This Way Out: U.S. Queer Job Justice + more global LGBTQ news!, Segment 1

3 months ago
Queer workers get justice from the U.S. Supreme Court; the United Nations calls for a global ban on conversion therapy, protesters confront Poland’s propaganda-prone president, U.S. gay dads win their baby’s citizenship rights, Missouri Episcopalians consecrate their first Black gay bishop, a Spanish crooner sings “out” loud, a Chilean basketballer is now “proud and free”, and more LGBTQ news from around the world!
Lucia Chappelle

This Week In Palestine: Ramzy Baroud on the Palestinian prison crisis, Segment 1

3 months ago
Ramzy Baroud's new book is These Chains Will Be Broken. He observes that almost all Palestinians are imprisoned in one way or another. Before this: the bullies are at it again, this time in a massive effort to shut down the International Criminal Court. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have experienced life in Israel’s prisons since 1967, as did many more in previous decades during the course of the ongoing Israeli military occupation. Yet rarely has the story of their experiences in Israeli jails been told by the prisoners themselves. Typically the Western media portrays them as "terrorists" while well-meaning third-party human rights advocates paint them as hapless victims. They are neither. This book permits the reader to access the reality of Palestinian imprisonment as told by Palestinian prisoners themselves — stories of appalling suffering and determination to reclaim their freedom.
Truth & Justice Radio (WZBC)

indigenous in Music with Larry K: Anachnid in our Spotlight Interview (Pop) Hour 1, Segment 1

3 months ago
Welcome to Indigenous in Music. This week Larry welcomes from Montreal, Quebec, “Anachnid.” She is a singer, songwriter and performer. She has just released her debut album “Dreamweaver.” Hear her album on Spotify Music from Anachnid, Stolen Identity, De Madregada, Quantum Tangle, Carsen Gray, A Tribe Called Red, Bomba Estereo, Nortec Collective, QVLN, Locos Por Juana, XAXO, Elastic Bond, B-Side Players, Indian City, Richie Ledreagle, Brianna Lea Pruett, Thana Redhawk, Night Shield, Toia, Campo, Latin League, Brian Hedges, Cary Morin, Indian City, Laura Niquay, Matiu and much much more. Visit us on our music page at and our homepage at We have underwriting and opportunities available. We are a non-profit, section 501(c)(3).

Free Radio Skybird: June 21 Broadcast, Segment 1

3 months ago
Free radio on shortwave from the hills of New Hampshire to the world broadcast via 6070 & 7440 kHz in Europe. An homage to offshore, pirate, and underground radio stations. Also a nod to non-commercial stations worldwide. The Free Radio Skybird crew include: Shane Quentin, One Deck Pete, Justin Moore and sometimes the late Gary Bourgeois of the original Skybird Radio. Free Radio Skybird is a collaborative effort with an incredibly talented and enthusiastic group of presenters which also includes edits of Radio Emma Toc World Service
Frederick Moe