This Week In Palestine: Resisting campus censorship: Lara Friedman, Peter Beinart, and Dimi Khalidi, Segment 1

3 months 2 weeks ago
Israel is spending millions of dollars to squash campus organizing and campus educational programs that challenge the fraudulent Israeli narrative. Criticism of Israel is labeled anti-Semitic, and that trope triggers a reflexive response to once again make Israel the victim rather than the aggressor. The fact that the Lobby has the US government in its pocket is not exactly news. This week we examine the work of the Palestinian grassroots uprising which is challenging Israel's outrageous military occupation. We feature a recording of a webinar sponsored by The Foundation for Middle East Peace featuring its director, Lara Friedman, and its non resident Fellow, Peter Beinart, discussing campus censorship with Dimi Khalidi of Palestine Legal.
Truth & Justice Radio (WZBC)

This Way Out: Gold Statues + Gold Girls + global LGBTQ news!, Segment 1

3 months 2 weeks ago
Entertainer Stan Munro celebrates the 50th anniversary of Australia’s Les Girls (in conversation with our Sydney-based correspondent William Brougham); queer Emmys go with the flow up the “Creek”; the U.K. retreats from gender ID change plans, the Trump administration pits trans inclusion against desegregation, the U.S. Congress includes queers in a youth suicide prevention bill, Taiwan’s leading anti-LGBTQ group slams a Dutch gay children’s book, Pete plays Mike for Kamala’s debate prep, and more global LGBTQ news!
Lucia Chappelle

Latin Waves : interviews environmental scientist Alfredo Gonzalez Valenzuela, Segment 1

3 months 2 weeks ago
Latin Waves host Sylvia Richardson speaks with Alfredo Gonzalez Valenzuela an environmental scientist and host of Climate Front Line, how it is not enough to understand the science, it is necessary to have a relational connection to nature, and to peoples most impacted by exploitative processes of development. To understand each other as equals and to change the narrative of the real impacts of climate change and global development.

Taylor Report: Misinformation From the Mass Media, Segment 1

3 months 2 weeks ago
In this brief commentary, Phil Taylor indicates that the United Nations did not, in fact, condemn Venezuela. Journalists who "reported" this "story" did not investigate the issue, and are performing their function of misleading the public. Anyone who wants to get accurate information about foreign affairs better roll up their sleeves and get digging, because it isn't going to be provided to you by the for-profit media.