The Shortwave Music Library : 05, Segment 1

1 week 6 days ago
Welcome to the shortwave music library - I really dislike announcing so 98% of this show is going to be … music! I am taking requests on our Shortwave Music Library Facebook page or by email: or on Twitter @ShortwaveMusic
Frederick Moe

This Week In Palestine: Censorship of speakers, forums, and organizing efforts by pro Palestinian organizations on US university campuses, Segment 1

2 weeks ago
We spend a good deal of time on This Week In Palestine analyzing and exposing the efforts of the Israeli Lobby to counter attempts by Palestinian organizations and voices to educate and organize on behalf of the Palestinian people who dare to resist the occupation of the Palestinian homeland by the Israeli military. One of the major efforts of this Israeli project is the censorship of speakers, forums, and organizing efforts by pro Palestinian organizations on US university campuses. It is a frightening, well-financed, assault on free speech and academic freedom. But it goes well beyond the campaigns fueled by the Israeli Lobby, it also includes dark money from the far right using censorship techniques to advance the far right agenda and silence criticism from the left. It has penetrated the classroom as well as other campus forums and extracurricular activities. Today we examine this phenomenon through a webinar held at Umass Boston featuring three of its professors, Heike Shotten, Leila Farsakh and Andrew Leong, joined by Trinity University professor, Isaac Kamola. Prof Heike Shotten begins with introductions.
Truth & Justice Radio (WZBC)

Global Research News Hour: The Never Ending War During the Time We Should Never Forget. Remembrance Day Salute with Richard Sanders and Jacques Pauwels, Segment 1

2 weeks ago
On this week's,Global Research News Hour, we recall aspects of World War II which reveals the sordid aspects of Canada, the U.S. and the UK and their original support for the Nazis. In our first half hour, Richard Sanders discusses the former Prime Minister's high regard for Hitler and the anti soviet Eastern European Emigres who came to Canada. In our second half hour, Canadian Historian Jacques Pauwels explains how US and UK support for the Nazis affected the conference at Yalta and how the US altered its strategy in 1945 and beyond.
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