2 Bulls in a China Shop: 09-04-21: Jobs Report Disappoints, SPCE's Plans Spoilt, Segment 1

1 week 5 days ago
This week on the podcast, the guys discuss the latest NFP report along with the great resignation before tackling the FAA's decision to ground SPCE and Musk's twitter feud with Bezos. For trading, Dan continues to make solid moves while both the guys make progress learning futures. In the Crypto Corner, an "ethical" hacker returns a large take and Kyle shifts his holdings around. One week into the new month and Kyle already regrets letting a guest make his first pick. The guys also formulated a spicy challenge for next month thanks to a suggestion from a fan, stay tuned for details!
2 Bulls in a China Shop

Herman's Radio and Record Room: Program 1, Segment 1

1 week 5 days ago
My father was a radio technician, cowboy singer, and guitar player. He performed in the late 1930’s before he enlisted in World War II & retained his love of music for many decades. This show is my homage to him. My father was a radio engineer and electrician; he loved the other side of radio as well – the listening side – it kept him company during many lonesome nights in the 30’s, 40’s & 50’s. From my imagination to your ears – it’s WHFM – vintage music & (very occasional) radio shows from mid century America.
Frederick Moe

Finally Irish Doctors are Starting to Speak out about the Dangerous Vaccines

1 week 6 days ago
At long last if not very very late in the day Irish doctors are finally beginning to speak out in greater numbers. Unfortunately according to the governments own figures at least 85% of all adults in Ireland have been jabbed so since the long term effects are unknown, there is potentially huge damage, harm and misery stored up in the population that could have been prevented.

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Redwood Wonk: Redwood Wonk_09012021, Segment 1

2 weeks ago
Eric Kirk and Aaron Donaldson discuss the national politics of the day every week. Shows are posted on Thursday. If your station decides to carry this program, please drop us a line at We will give your station a shout-out!
Access Humboldt

The Mix Sessions Underground: 109- TMS Underground, Segment 1

2 weeks ago
The Mix Sessions Underground brings you hard to find cutting edge Deep House and Techno grooves from dance floors around the globe weekly. IF YOU HAVE DOWNLOAD PROBLEMS ON THIS SITE THEN PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE SHOW DIRECTLY FROM OUR SITE: CONTACT:
Amplified Radio Network

Truth and Justice Radio: Daphne Muse on Intersectionality, the 2020 Edward Said Memorial Lecture, Segment 1

2 weeks ago
We have been covering the ongoing conversation concerning the Intersectionality of the movement for Black rights in the US, and the Liberation of Palestine from its occupation by Israel. We return to this theme this week with Daphne Muse who delivered this presentation as the 2020 Edward Said Memorial Lecture to the Jerusalem Fund and Palestine Center. Syed Arikat joins her in conversation. Daphne Muse is a writer, activist, educator, editor, social commentator and cultural broker. In February 2021, Muse was appointed the Inaugural Elder-in-Residence for the Black Studies Collaboratory (BSC) in the Department of African American Studies at the University of California - Berkeley. Many more details are at .
Truth & Justice Radio (WZBC)

The Sonic Cafe: Sonic Cafe #253/Blowing Things Up, Segment 1

2 weeks 1 day ago
Sonic Café, burnin’ that gasoline… that’s Brass Against, blowing up the 2002 Audioslave tune, so hey welcome, I’m Scott Clark and this is episode 253. This time the Sonic Café presents a great big blast of a party, we’ll release a little tension, by blowing things up! Yep, better not get too close to your radio cause we’re bringin’ the heat. First, we’ll blow up a propane tank with an RPG. Then listen as Arnold Schwarzenegger blows up a closet… and his neighbors’ car, plus check in with Monty Python to witness the awesome power of the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, plus a bunch of other big bangs too. Then listen for a word from our newest sponsor… the Exploder Survival Knife, it’s the knife that saved America, and now it can save you too! All wrapped in a lethal mix skillfully selected from like 45 years. Listen for an explosion of tunes from Led Zeppelin, Sufjan Stevens, Green Day, the Psychedelic Furs, Thievery Corporation, the Strawbs and of course many more, all just ahead as the Sonic Café makes a really big bang blowing things up, right at that little café on the big blue pacific, here’s Stevie Wonder with the Masterblaster… we’re the Sonic Café.
Scott Clark