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New Orleans Treme Residents Hold Swimsuit Protest; Expose Recreation Commission problems

1 month 1 week ago
Amy Stelly, Treme resident, designer and water and human rights activist joined WTUL News and Views to discuss on going issues with the New Orleans Recreation Development Commission (NORDC) and its habitual marginalizing of tax-paying residents. Adult swimmers recently ran into problems with having access to the Treme Community Center pool as well as health and transportation issues.
WTUL News and Views

Tony Coleman Speaks Out About Threatened Eviction and West Oakland Gentrification

1 month 2 weeks ago
On today's Hard Knock Radio program on KPFA, Davey D interviews long-time activist and community organizer Tony Coleman of OneFam and Bikes 4 Life. Tony addresses their fight to stay in West Oakland after being threatened with eviction. He declares that they will fight to the very end and not take it lying down, the loss of the last visible spot where the community can come together and share Black culture in West Oakland.
Dave Id

Police Bill and Gentrification (full May 29 episode)

1 month 2 weeks ago
(audio 59:58) Ben McBride discusses developing a new Police Conduct Bill. And later Tony Coleman of OneFam / Bikes 4 Life talks about their fight to stay in West Oakland. ---------------- Hard Knock Radio is a drive-time Hip-Hop talk show on KPFA (94.1fm @ 4-5 pm Monday-Friday), a community radio station without corporate underwriting. Hosts Davey D and Anita Johnson give voice to issues ignored by the mainstream while planting seeds for social change.
Hard Knock Radio, KPFA

Full Episode: May Day — Exoneration in the US; “One Truthiness;” Korean Peace Talks

2 months 1 week ago
(audio 1:59:59) May Day: Exoneration in the US; Behind the Scenes of Oakland performance “One Truthiness;” Peace Talks at the Korean Summit; Plus: Cat Brooks is running for Mayor of Oakland 7:34am – Obie Anthony (@ObieAnthony) is the founder of Exonerated Nation, an organization that serves California exonerees. He was incarcerated for 17 years before being exonerated in 2011.8:08 – Oakland performance The One Truthiness Ayodele “Wordslinger” Nzinga, co-producer and director of One Truthiness, is also a playwright, poet, educator, actor and founder of the Lower Bottom Playaz. Charlie Levin (@OneTruthiness) creator of the One Truthiness and multidisciplinary artist whose work has been has been presented locally, nationally and internationally. Her visual theater company Local Infinities created 11 critically original works in just 6 years.The One Truthiness, May 4-5 in Oakland – “THE ONE TRUTHINESS” PROVIDES AN EXPERIENCE OF A WORLD WHERE OUR INDIVIDUAL TRUTHS ARE CONSIDERED SIDE-BY-SIDE AND LAYERED ON TOP OF EACH OTHER” See their website for show info and tickets. 8:34 – Korean Summit Recap: Peace in the Korean Peninsula?Christine Hong, associate professor in the Literature Department and the program in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies at UC Santa Cruz and executive member of the Korea Policy Institute.8:47 – Cat’s running for Mayor!Cat Brooks (@CatsCommentary) discusses her candidacy and vision for Oakland. The rest of the week, we’re inviting all the other candidates for Oakland Mayor for an interview on UpFront. UpFront delivers a mix of local, state, and international coverage through challenging interviews, civil debates, breaking updates, and in-depth discussions with authors. Hosted by Brian EdwardsTiekert and Cat Brooks (now on hiatus).
UpFront, KPFA

Canadian Journalist Turns Rwandan Genocide Story Inside Out

3 months ago
A Google Search for “Syria” and “Rwanda” turns up millions of hyperlinks, most of them likening the Syrian and Rwandan conflicts and calling for intervention in Syria to "stop the next Rwanda." Judi Rever's new book, "In Praise of Blood: Crimes of the Rwandan Patriotic Front," turns the story of what actually happened in Rwanda inside out.
KPFA Saturday News/Ann Garrison

Ellenie Cruz of the NOLA Herb Gathering 2018

3 months ago
Kezia speaks with Ellenie Cruz of the NOLA Herb Gathering, coming up on April 15th. A full day of information sharing, classes, and education about local plant medicine practices and how they connect to the culture of people historically from New Orleans.
WTUL News and Views

Sahleem Tindle family at DA office rally and march 4-2-18

3 months 2 weeks ago
On Monday, April 2, the family of Sahleem Tindle met with District Attorney Nancy O’Malley, who gave minimal acknowledgment of having viewed murder video...no response to list of questions...marching to Oscar Grant Plaza after rally outside...
DJ Mouse

rally outside courthouse

3 months 2 weeks ago
Sahleem's mother calls out DA's 6,000$ from police union and thanks cousin of killer Joseph Mateau for coming foreward w/ details of his racism and unfitness for police work (9 min.)
DJ Mouse

Suicide: The Ripple Effect, film screening & discussion

3 months 2 weeks ago
WTUL was joined in conversation by Robin Cilluffa, mental health advocate, and Janet Hayes, president of Healing Minds NOLA, to discuss the upcoming film screening and panel discussion of Suicide: The Ripple Effect, which tells the story of survivor Kevin Hinds.
WTUL News & Views

Wendi Moore O'Neal & The Community Sing in New Orleans

3 months 2 weeks ago
WTUL News and Views speaks with Wendi Moore O'Neal of Jaliyah Consulting, her bi-monthly community sing project, why she does it, what gives her hope, and an outline of some of the most incredible organizing going on in New Orleans today! Great conversation!
WTUL News and Views
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