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Latin Waves : interviews author/activist David Bacon, Segment 1

2 months 3 weeks ago
David Bacon is an Award-winning photojournalist, author, and immigrant rights activist he has spent over twenty years as a labor organizer. For the past two decades he has been a reporter and documentary photographer, shooting for many national publications and independent projects, and exhibiting his work internationally. Bacon’s books include The Children of NAFTA, Communities without Borders, Illegal People (Beacon, 2008), and The Right to Stay Home (Beacon, 2013) Sylvia interviews David on this newest book “The Right to Stay Home, How Us Policy Drives Mexican Migration” journalist David Bacon tells the story of the growing resistance of Mexican communities. Bacon shows how immigrant communities are fighting back—envisioning a world in which migration isn’t forced by poverty or environmental destruction and people are guaranteed the “right to stay home.” This richly detailed and comprehensive portrait of immigration reveals how the interconnected web of labor, migration, and the global economy unites farmers, migrant workers, and union organizers across borders.

This Week In Palestine: Harvard Forum on Black-Palestinian Solidarity and Shared Struggle, Segment 1

2 months 3 weeks ago
Another very full program today. We were fortunate to be present and record for This Week In Palestine a forum held by a collaboration of Harvard student Palestinian support organizations to recognize Nakba week. The forum featured Dr. Cornel West, Philosophy Professor at Harvard University, Randa Wahbe of the Addamer Prison Support and Human Rights Association., and Carl Williams, Staff Attorney at the ACLU of Massachusetts. It was moderated by educator, organizer and activist, Yamila Hussein-Shannan. The title of the forum: Black-Palestinian Solidarity and Shared Struggle.
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Global Research News Hour: Two Author Interviews: Stan Goff's Antiwar Novel; George Grundy on 9/11 & the Rise of Fascism in America, Segment 1

2 months 3 weeks ago
On this week's Global Research News Hour, we feature two recently published literary works countering mainstream narratives around warfare in the 21st Century. We'll first hear from author Stan Goff about his first work of fiction: Smitten Gate (Club Orlov Press). Later we'll hear from author George Grundy about his book: Death of a Nation: 9/11 & the Rise of Fascism in America (Skyhorse Publishing).
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