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The Joe and Anthony Show: Episode 202 - Alien Croissants, Segment 1

2 weeks 3 days ago
Police Looking for Thief Who Stole From Chicago Airport Cannabis Amnesty Box, Indiana GOP Lawmakers Seek to Override Relaxed Marijuana Laws in Indianapolis. Joe is super loopey and and Anthony seems snackless.. But not really, come find out what we mean all the time and then laugh with or at us, tune in to our live show every Tuesday night at 8pm eastern at http://www.chiampa.org
The Joe and Anthony Show

Mystery Science Radio Shortwave 14, Segment 1

2 weeks 4 days ago
These are the ongoing adventures of the crew of the Yellow Submarine on their strange offhsore / underwater pirate radio station. Mystery Science radio is a low tech homage to B Movies, obscure music, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Cinematic Titanic, Doctor Demento, shortwave radio, Coleman Francis, Ed Wood, and the Hal Warren cult film "Manos: The Hands of Fate"
Frederick Moe

Radio Thrift Shop: Broadcast 469, Segment 1

2 weeks 4 days ago
Radio Thrift Shop features a flexible format & is an homage to the "underground" era of broadcasting of the 1960's and 1970's that DJ Frederick grew up with. RTS features a homegrown mix of vinyl records, 78s, 45's, LPs, private press releases, and a variety of cassette tapes and homemade / self released cds. Each broadcast of Radio Thrift Shop features an improvised playlist from DJ Frederick's music library
Frederick Moe

Taylor Report: Speak out against Canada's Colonial Mindset, Segment 1

2 weeks 4 days ago
Phil discusses Niki Ashton in the context of Bernie Sanders. Sanders' success so far comes from the fact that he has been a consistent social-democrat who calls for public programs. Ashton, too, has supported progressive policies. She even criticized Trudeau's disgraceful meeting with Venezuelan golpista Juan Guaido. The Canadian parliament mostly upholds a distinctly colonial view that if we decide someone is the President of a country, then they become the President. But Ashton spoke firmly against this policy as applied to Guaido. The colonial mindset also applies to Canada's response to the air tragedy in Iran. "The West" demands the black box recorder from the crashed airliner, even though Iran and Ukraine possess the means to investigate the recording. Meanwhile, "The West" lost the black box from a shot-down Rwandan airliner in 1994 that was pivotal to the trial and investigation of civil war there.

Donald Drumpf Theatre: Donald Drumpf Theatre Volume 159 Back Stabbers, Segment 1

2 weeks 4 days ago
An original radio theatre show each week, with most sounds culled from the previous week, about a fictional, theatrical presidency. Contradictions tell the story, with songs, skits, and clips from political news shows and late-night comedy routines. The definition of "radio theatre" is stretched here, with an updated Dickie Goodman and/or Richard Foreman-meets-mashup style sometimes, and a more straightforward take other weeks. Currently airing on 30 or 40 stations around the world, the network has ordered another 10 episodes, but with impeachment cancellation is possible at any moment. Anyone who would like to work on a production, or have their work air in this timeslot, should contact info@wgxc.org.
Wave Farm/WGXC 90.7-FM

U.S. Boats Sail with the 2020 Freedom Flotilla, Segment 1

2 weeks 4 days ago
US Boats to Gaza is dedicated to continuing sending boats to bring international attention to the illegal Israeli blockade on Gaza. Kit talks about how she became involved in the campaign for justice in Palestine, with an emphases on the children of Gaza, for whom the Israel blockade is effectively an act of attempted genocide. US and Israeli bullying at the United Nations have worked to squelch that fact, by blocking votes condemning Israeli crimes, and as a result have undermined the rule of International Law and the mission of the United Nations to the detriment of humanity, peace and justice. Kit lives on the Olympic Peninsula, has been an organic farmer, has two children and does not tolerate injustice well. She has been compelled to speak out against the injustice she witnesses since visiting Gaza with Code Pink, following the Israeli military attack known as Operation Cast Lead.
Dale Lehman/WZRD

The Sonic Cafe: Sonic Cafe #172/Out Sick Today, Segment 1

2 weeks 5 days ago
It’s the Sonic Cafe. Welcome to show number 172, “out sick today”. Hi I’m Tom Ferguson and I’ll be filling in for Scott Clark who called in sick today…actually we called him, but as you can tell he is really really sorry he can’t make it in. This show, however, there is nothing to be sorry about. You’ll hear some masterful musical collections from Thom York, Chris Joss, Kaiser Chiefs, Porcupine Tree and many more. Plus comedian Roy Wood with his take on how to apologize to your significant other…all with just the right amount of pop culture sprinkled in to maximize your listening experience. So kick back and enjoy listening to the Sonic Cafe.
Scott Clark

Taylor Report: Neo-colonial power coming to an end in West Asia, Segment 1

2 weeks 5 days ago
Phil and Zafar discuss the largest demonstration in recent Iraqi history that occurred Saturday. If you listened to Canadian news, you might think that 'hundreds' attended, as 'reported' by CP24. Iran's Press TV, however, covered the demonstration live with helicopters. And the numbers were over a million. The column of protestors was eight kilometres long before they had even finished massing. The demands of the demonstrators included that foreign forces leave Iraq. And the Iraqi Prime-Minister formally asked the US to withdraw its troops. Why is the US refusing to leave? The Iraqi PM reported that he had traveled to China to sign an agreement for infrastructure projects. In the Iraqi Parliament, the PM also revealed that the US threatened the country and him personally if he didn't cancel the agreement. It also appears as if things are deteriorating for the empire on multiple fronts. In Afghanistan, the US may be close to signing an agreement with the Taliban to quit the country. The US/NATO/Saudi-backed proxy fighters are steadily losing ground in Syria's Idlib province. Turkey is moving its proxy fighters to Libya and Afghanistan. Houthi fighters in Yemen have extended their reach to Aden in the South, and to the Eastern shores of Yemen.

Radio Curious: Sherwin Nuland – "What Is It About Our Species That Allows Us to Learn So Much About Ourselves.", Segment 1

2 weeks 5 days ago
The Wisdom of the Body From developmental perspectives, both in individuals and in mankind as a whole, the brain, language, and civilization have separated our species from the rest of the animal kingdom. In May of 1997, I discussed these issues with Sherwin Nuland, a professor of Medical History at Yale University Medical School and author of many books, including Wisdom of the Body. Sherwin Nuland recommends “The Meaning of Yiddish,” by Benjamin Harshav. Originally Broadcast: May 21, 1997
Radio Curious - Barry Vogel
10 hours 49 minutes ago
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