Free Radio Santa Cruz - Amy Goodman interviews Utah Phillips

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 01/20/2004 - 17:12

FRSC pob 7507 Santa Cruz CA. 95061


FRSC/Democracy Now

Mp3 audio 51:13 Amy Goodman Interviews Utah Phillips on FRSC LIVE 01-17-03

Amy Goodman Interviews U Utah Phillips before his performance LIVE on Free or Freak Radio Santa Cruz 96.3 or 101fm UNLICENSED microradio community radio broadcasting in Santa Cruz Califorina for nearly a decade edtied version should air on Democracy Now in near future What an honor having Amy Goodman grace our studios, also Rockin the boat w/the Vman should soon be airing & posting his and John Malkins interview w/ Amy Goodman soon.STAY TUNED TO THE UNLICENSED MICRORADIO MOVEMENT START YOUR OWN STATION NOW!!!visit our website.