Johnny Got a Gun

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat 2008-04-19 15:57 UTC

Johnny's Dad

Johnny Got a Gun (second version)
by: Johnny's Dad

They gave my boy a gun,
loaded with uranium.
war complex profits rise
you filthy rotten scum!

Our leaders lie and deceive,
to feed their corporate friend's greed,
pre-emptive war is what we need
while our veteran's kids are born with no feet

Our children will cry,
"What have you done?
You believed a lie!
Now look what has come"

Politicians working for you and me?
Neo-cons and mega money
Now we're voting electronically

Fascist screws tightening down,
Corporations control your town,
Climate change is....
just around the corner....

They won't spend a dime
Destroying the environment is no crime
They've got a place in theCayman Ills,
you filthy rotten scum

They tell us to be afraid of a dirty bomb?
One that scatters radiation
Well, guess what. That's what our military does everyday
"Shock and Awe" was uranium "on display"

A 4 1/2 billion year half life.
Did you hear that ladies and gentlemen, a 4 1/2 BILLION year half life?
It's not depleted uranium at all for Christ's sake
that's another neo-con lie

This is absolutely EVIL!
the most evil thing we've ever seen
put your head in the sand if you can
but you come up here right now
and you tell us what you'll tell your teen

They brought my boy back
then they sent him back to Iraq.
Oil simply must flow
stop loss, stock price, mega money is just like crack

Our children are being murdered
Who profits - Halliburton
they've got a place in the Cayman Ills
you filthy rotten scum

They gave my boy a gun,
said he'd get an education.
They gave my boy a gun,
loaded it up with uranium