The Michael Slate Show

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Michael Slate, host and producer

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Raymond Lotta, communist political economist, digs into the Gulf oil
spill and reveals how it is a capitalist oil spill in every
conceivable way and points to how a socialist society would do
things differently.

Army veteran Matthis Chiroux talks about the nationwide "We Are Not
Your Soldiers" tour of resister vets and The World Can't Wait
organization, talking to high school students and organizing
resistance to military recruiters signing students up to carry out war crimes around the world.

Langston Hughes on the importance of Dreams.

Sabra Williams & Elizabeth Doran of The Actor's Gang Prison Project
talk about the transformative impact of theater in California
prisons and how the state budget has slashed funding for the arts in prisons.

Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, on "A
Better World is Possible."