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Tonight we have an update on the struggle against Houston City Council's proposed anti-feeding ordinance. While the movement won a battle this week, the war continues. Also, we have a special interview with Professor Sandra Soto a year and a half removed from the commencement comments that ignited controversy and thrust her into the national spotlight.

Jon Plucker talks about his installation at Project Row House that uses art to create community and we have ongoing coverage of the Houston City Council's Anti-Feeding ordinance.

Learn about the latest evolution of the anarchist book store and community space-Sedition and their big kick off May Day event and hear Nick's coverage of the Houston Anti-Feeding Ordinance, that passed this week.

We look at the BP Oil Spill and its ongoing impact on the Gulf region two years later

Tonight we have artist and activist Tiffany Pust about her latest project, the Sustainable Living Festival.

Latest on the Anti-Feeding Ordinance and also a look at the felony charges Occupy Houston and Occupy Austin activists face for locking down in an effort to non-violently shut down the Houston ship channel

Tonight Steve Nolan will talk about a recent state-wide march in support of the decriminalization of marijuana as well as some of the more national implications and medicinal benefits of the herb.

We will bring you coverage and analysis of Houston ISD's vote in support of limiting the overuse and misuse of high-stakes standardized testing as well as the growing movement around it.