Debate may 19: Islam & Feminism {LIVE}

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De Balie, Amsterdam, Holland.


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Islam & Feminism: new perspectieves, new practices. Can Islam and womens rights get along? (!sold out! listen / watch the live streams - english spoken-

20:00 C.E.T. (= 7 pm UK, = 2 pm E.S.T. NewYork)


More and more women worldwide are proving there is space for feminism within the islamic tradition. A debate will take place about the issue how women make peace with both perspectives.

With Amina Wadud, Fatima Sadiqi and Ziba Mir-Hosseini. From their experiences and research, they will illustrate the roll and position of women within the Islamic tradition.

Amina Wadud is famous worldwide for her re-intepretation of the Holy Quran from the perspective of the Muslimfemale. Wadud is connected to the Virginia Commonwealth University.

Ziba Mir-Hosseini, antropologist and filmmaker, made the richly awarded films 'Divorce Iranian Style' (1998) and 'Runaway', about the position of women in Iran. At this moment Mir-Hosseini works at London University and Cambridge University. She is the author of 'Islam and Gender: The Religious Debate in Contemporary Iran'.

Fatima Sadiqi is an acivist in the womens movement in Marocco and works at the University of Fes. She wrote 'Women, Gender and Language in Morocco'.

The debate is moderated by Annelies Moors, Institute of Islamstudies, University of Amsterdam.

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