Until All Are Free: Environmental political prisoners

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Miranda Gibson

This radio documentary covers the cases of environmental political prisoners Eric McDavid and Marie Mason, who are both serving sentences of around 20 years in prison in the US. We look at why these two are considered to be political prisoners and the movement of prisoner solidarity around the world. We explore the significance of these cases from a global perspective and talk about June 11th, the international day of solidarity with Eric and Marie.

This Way Out: SCOTUS v sodomy 2003, and this week's global LGBT news

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Overnight Productions (Inc.)

The lyrics in the Romanovsky & Phillips "Sodomy Song" in our 2003 SCOTUS ruling flashback include:
"Only an asshole would care what goes into our assholes and who puts it there."
This line is heard in the transition music at about 3:54 into the segment, and again in the segment outro music at about 14:28.
This Way Out #1,315 Program Rundown:
[Note unusual musical beginning this week:]
"Life Song" by MASON WILLIAMS [:26], segues directly to