Productions (Inc.)

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17 Nisan'da Munih'te baslayacak NSU davasi oncesi 16 Nisan'da Nurnberg'de NSU kurbanlarindan Enver Simsek'in kizi Semiya Simsek'in yazdigi ' Aci Vatan' adli kitabindan pasajlar okunacak.Almanya'nin Nurnberg kentinde faaliyet gosteren cesitli Turk Sivil kuruluslari kisa adi Tiger olan 'Turkische intiative Gegen Rasismus- Irkciliga karsi Turk inisiyatifi' adi altinda Sali gunu saat 14.00-15.00 arasi Nurnberg Lorenzer Meydaninda bulunan Lorenz kilisesi onunde Neo Nazi (NSU) kurbanlari icin bir anma toplantisi duzenleyecek.Musiad Dernegi salonunda bir araya gelen Turk Sivil kuruluslari amaclari

This Way Out: "Fruit Fly" in London + global LGBT news + more!

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Overnight Productions (Inc.)

What entertainer Leslie Jordan's mother doesn't want you to know; a Russian "Rainbow Minute" that definitely adds up; Uruguay prepares for marriage equality, a judge won't register a gay Paraguay couple's legal Argentine wedding, Gambia's President calls gays satanic, Nepal's Blue Diamonds are in the rough, civil unions spring from Arizona's "liberal oasis", more LGBT news from around the world; and "Everybody Has To Have A Mother".

This Way Out #1,306 Program Rundown:
Opening teases/theme music/intro continuity. . . . . . . . . . 1:09

This Way Out: Prop 8 + DOMA @ SCOTUS + other LGBT news

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Overnight Productions (Inc.)

American Supremes mull marriage equality; U.S. gay military activist Lt. Dan Choi is convicted of a law-breaking White House fence-chaining Don't Ask Don't Tell protest, Paris police protect the presidential palace from anti-equality demonstrators, a Russian activist is beaten after his Pride is banned, Brits turn out for Turing, and more LGBT news from around the world.

The Michael Slate Show

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Michael Slate

“We Are All Still Trayvon Martin and the Fight to Remove the Bull's Eye from the Backs of Black and Latino Youth”

Following the footsteps of Trayvon Martin as he walked to his death at the hands of the vigilante "wanna be" cop, George Zimmerman.

Li Onesto, journalist, Revolution newspaper, analyzes the fierce counterassault on Trayvon Martin, even months after his murder, and how the system murdered him once with a gun and re-murdered him again
by assaulting his reputation and character, presenting him as a thug.

Zapzalap homo porcus10 Zapateando

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Pirate Radio Song
Station ID
Palestine Today for Jan 3
War Update:more drone strikes in Pakistan
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Tar Sands blockade shuts Keystone XL site w/ "dump platforms
Capt Paul Watson speaks on useless injunction against Sea Shepherd by whalers
Grand Jury arrest of 4th PNW activist spurs wave of retaliation
Rap opposing gun control laws(warning: explicit)
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