Net Neutrality

Media Minutes: October 29, 2010

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Stevie Converse, Candace Clement, Megan Tady

NPR's decision to fire news analyst Juan Williams unleashed an attack on all federal funding for public media by a handful of politicians and commentators. But what the public really needs is to defend – not defund – public media. And members of the disability community in the Bay Area spoke out for Net Neutrality in a letter to the FCC.

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Defending, Not Defunding, Public Media

Media Minutes: July 9, 2010

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Stevie Converse & Candace Clement

The National Congress of American Indians passed a resolution in support of Net Neutrality and the efforts of the FCC to reestablish its authority to regulate the broadband industry. Finland declared broadband access a legal right for its citizens. And The DISH satellite network is suing the FCC over a legal requirement to carry HD public broadcasting.

Media Minutes: June 25, 2010

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Free Press

The FCC opened a new proceeding for public comment on restoring its authority to regulate broadband providers, but have been holding secret meetings with phone and cable companies to discuss a legislative compromise. And public interest and consumer groups filed a petition to deny the Comcast-NBC merger.

Media Minutes: August 7, 2009

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Free Press

The Internet Freedom Preservation Act, just introduced in Congress, will prevent Internet Service Providers from controlling access to online content, services and applications. And the Transmission Project is on a mission of its own: to amplify the power of public media and community technology.

Media Minutes: January 2, 2009

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Free Press

Media Minutes looks at five of the top stories of 2008: The FCC proceedings concerning Net Neutrality, the 700 MHz spectrum auction and white spaces; Pentagon propaganda; journalists’ arrests at the RNC; and grassroots media organizing for PEG and LPFM.