Media Minutes: June 17, 2011

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Stevie Converse and Candace Clement

The FCC released its 450-page assessment on the future of media. Unfortunately, many the report’s recommendations around localism, media consolidation and transparency are contradictory to its analysis. And Sonic’s new 1 Gbps fiber broadband connection with two phone lines for $70 is sure to shake up the broadband market in Sonoma County.

Media Minutes: May 13, 2011

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Stevie Converse and Megan Tady

A new initiative to spotlight women and girls as leaders across the world plans to promote 50 documentaries over a 3-year-span, showcasing women and girls fighting for social justice and equal rights. And the OpenCourt project hopes to make the wheels of justice more accessible to the public.

Media Minutes: March 26, 2010

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Stevie Converse & Candace Clement

A new bill has been introduced in Congress that would require all public information from most federal agencies to be made available online. And mainstream media's reporters could learn something from aggressive celebrity paparazzi.