Dick Gregory and Dr. E. Faye Williams Address Occupyhouston

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Operation People for Peace, Inc.
“Minorities Picket BP Headquarters”
Houston, Texas (October 19, 2011)-Dick Gregory, Actor/comedian human rights activist; Dr. E. Faye Williams, Chair-National Congress of Black Women; Art Rocker, Chair-Operation People for Peace and many other claimants who are traveling from Florida, Alabama and Louisiana will be picketing BP Headquarters on Thursday, October 20, 2011. This group will hold a press conference in front of BP Headquarters on 501 Westlake Park Boulevard in Houston, Texas at 11:00am.

Rob of Houston IMC on Delegation to Palestine

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Houston IMC Radio Collective

Rob of Houston IMC traveled to Palestine and Israel this summer as part of the Health and Human Rights Project Delegation, a project of American Jews for a Just Peace. On the July 22nd edition of the HIMC Radio Show on KPFT 90.1fm he spoke with the radio collective about his trip.

Veterans of Black Liberation Struggles in Houston Look Back on Peoples Party 2

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In December of 2008 I interviewed 2 veterans from the Black Power movement in Houston Texas about People's Party 2, a group modeled on the Black Panther Party, which existed from 1970-1971 and was followed by the Houston Black Panther Party which lasted till 1974.

Charles Boko Freeman was a Member of Peoples Party 2 and is currently based in Atlanta. Ester King participated in the Black Power Movement in Houston and continues as a community activist today.