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An Interview with the Husband of an Indian Woman Who Dies in Ireland After Being Denied Access to an Abortion

Rachel Clarke/ Irish Times

Ireland has a long history of conservative Catholic views and is arguably one of the strongest anti-choice nations in Europe. It was as a result of strong anti-choice legislation, on October 24th, 31 year old Indian dentist, Savita Halappanavar lost her life due to blood poisoning from a miscarrying fetus. Halappanavar was 17 weeks pregnant with her first child when complications resulted in the pregnancy no longer being viable.

(architecture and social struggle) Brian Anson talking about Belfasts Divis Flats + Bridgetown community in Britain

imc-ie dunk

Brian Anson is a remarkable man of 74 years from Liverpool who has battled all his life to assist communities to a fairer and more just existence, he was worked in areas of conflict as an architect and as a social activist. He formed the ARC (architectural revolutionary council) in 1980's in Britain and spent many years as an architectural proffessor pushing for students to take more control of their education and to use architecture for what it is for: the creation of healthy happy communities.

Shell to Sea People's Forum - Inver Community Center - 4 April, 2009

Rossport Solidarity Camp

Sister Majella speaking about Nigeria and Shell at the Shell to Sea People's Forum on the 4th of April, 2009, in the Inver Community Center, County Mayo, Ireland.

part 1 of 2, followed by Question and Answer session

The Forum also included a talk on Climate Change and a discussion period.

Transition Town Kinsale

BOLD collective

This audio recording was broadcast live on our BOLD internet radio and is a discussion with David Neavyn and Alan Clayton about the idea of transition towns and eco initiaves in the southern Irish town of Kinsale, half hour talk, nice interview, big shout out to Cathie for assisting so much.

BOLD journey is an island wide journey of discovery, experimentation and celebration, a near 2 week voyage around the island of ireland to meet groups, projects, communities, places that have had BOLD dreams of building a better world and done something about it.

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