This Week In Palestine: Hear the PLO's Ambassador to the United States, Sam Zumlot, Segment 1

3 months ago
Today we feature the passionate voice of the PLO’s Ambassador to the United States, Sam Zumlot. Ambassador Zumlot spoke at a conference sponsored by the Jerusalem Fund and Palestine Center. The presentation begins with introductions. Among Ambassador Zumlot's extensive remarks, one especially stands out: his observation that all of Israel's massive infliction of suffering on the Palestinian community has not improved Israel's so-called "security" even one whit.
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Global Research News Hour: Who Benefits from the Syrian Airstrikes? Conversations with Vanessa Beeley and Michel Chossudovsky, Segment 1

3 months ago
On this week's Global Research News Hour we take a closer look at the US -UK - France military assault on supposed chemical weapons facilities within Syria, and the outcome of that operation. We'll first get an update from 21st Century Wire editor and journalist Vanessa Beeley who has been on the ground in Damascus for the past 5 weeks. We'll also get an analysis from Professor Michel Chossudovsky about revelations of a conflict of interest on the part of Prime Minister May whose husband works for a huge financial firm heavily invested in military companies profiting from the recent airstrikes.
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