Taylor Report: Let's boycott the NFL, Segment 1

3 months 2 weeks ago
Phil Taylor and Phil Conlon discuss the NAACP boycott of the NFL over its refusal to field Colin Kaepernick. As Taylor says, racism "deprives people of the best." Racism in the USA is bigger than the most visible ignorant bigots. There is a bipartisan policy to entrench white supremacy in the United States. They also discuss how Black Reconstruction was undermined by white supremacist/confederate statues.

The Sunrise Ocean Bender: pvs3, Segment 1

3 months 2 weeks ago
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mr. atavist

The Thunderbolt: TB 170826 The Merry Pagans of Merry Mount 2X, Segment 1

3 months 2 weeks ago
This week’s archive radio show starts off by congratulating humanity for being what will probably be the last surviving higher life form on the planet! If that is indeed what happens — then that means we are going to win! Yay, humanity! Then we feature some privacy matters, some legal matters, we assure the citizens of Chicago that they have one less worry these days, we indulge in a contemplation upon adapting to one’s environment — and for the feature piece this week we go historical again with an account of a Bohemian paradise that prospered in the New England woods of the 17th Century — that is, it prospered until the Puritans got hold of it… Historical Thunderbolts this week — literally! Listen with extreme caution…
106.5 KOWA (Olympia, WA)