Global Research News Hour: Genocide Drowned out by Media Silence: The Yemen War Six Years Later, Segment 1

3 semanas 5 días ago
This week on the Global Research News Hour, with the country of Yemen becoming the site of the greatest humanitarian crisis on the planet, we will convene a show endeavouring to get to the heart of who’s to blame and of what’s at stake. In our first half hour we’re joined by Vancouver based activist Azza Robji to describe how the crisis arose, what are the costs and how activists in Canada can make a difference. And in our second half hour, two journalists, Steve Sahiounie from Syria and Youssra Abdulmalik from Sana’a in Yemen offer their perspectives of where the country is at now with recent moves by the new U.S. President.
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Radio Thrift Shop: Broadcast 518, Segment 1

3 semanas 6 días ago
Radio Thrift Shop is DJ Frederick's two decade long (and counting) experiment. Radio Thrift Shop has a flexible format & an homage to the non-commercial era of broadcasts of the 1960's and 1970's that DJ Frederick grew up listening to & features a homegrown mix of vinyl records, 78s, 45's, LPs, private press releases, and a variety of cassette tapes and homemade / self released cassettes & cds. Each broadcast of Radio Thrift Shop features an improvised or thematic playlist from DJ Frederick's music library
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Religion and Spirituality under Attack.

3 semanas 6 días ago

There is no doubt about it that religion and spirituality are under attack and the pressure has been massively increased on the back of the Covid Scamdemic.

The level of suppression and repression now in force against the church has not been seen here for centuries. The irony is that the church hierarchy are largely going along with it. The attack on spirituality is a bit harder to discern but it is there and part of the wider trend. Overall what appears to be going on is the corporate takeover of society and that is the new religion and it is intolerant of any other belief systems. This is a characteristic of all totalitarian systems. They want you to transfer any beliefs you have to them. During the worst periods of the USSR we saw churches burned or closed down and all religious practice suppressed. Similar things happened during the Chinese cultural revolution. What it represents is a demand to turn towards the reigning power and an insistence that this is the only belief system. What the socialist revolution was promising was salvation through socialist organisation of society and by directing the productive forces to the benefit of all peoples, in effect creating heaven on Earth. It didn't quite turn out that way for various reasons. Now the corporate regime is trying the same without the promises.


The Mix Sessions Underground: 89 - TMS Underground, Segment 1

3 semanas 6 días ago
The Mix Sessions Underground brings you hard to find cutting edge Deep House and Techno grooves from dance floors around the globe weekly. IF YOU HAVE DOWNLOAD PROBLEMS ON THIS SITE THEN PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE SHOW DIRECTLY FROM OUR SITE: CONTACT:
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All Things Cage: Lawrence Voytek, Segment 1

3 semanas 6 días ago
"All Things Cage" is a weekly program featuring conversations between Laura Kuhn, Director of the John Cage Trust, and Cage experts and enthusiasts from around the world. If youd like to propose a guest or a topic for a future program, write directly to Laura at
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