The Sonic Cafe: Sonic Cafe #99/The End of the Double Digits!, Segment 1

1 semana ago
Hey welcome to the Sonic Café, where we feature an intelligent, eclectic mix of headphone friendly music, comedy and pop culture. I’m your host Scott Clark and this is a very special hour of the Sonic Café. Welcome to episode 99! Yep, hard to believe but this is the last of the double-digit episodes. From here on out we’re movin’ on up to the century mark and beyond. How about that baby! To celebrate this monumental milestone the Sonic Café is takin’ it to the nines! By that we mean every tune this hour has a 99 or a 9 in it. Some of the nines are in the title, other nines are in the lyrics, but each tune features the number nine in some way. Listen for John Lennon, Toto, Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention, The Blues Brothers, REM and more. Heck, we’ll even feature the German version of Nena’s 1983 hit, 99 Red Balloons… preceded by a not-to-accurate translation provided by comedian Tom Cavanagh. All that and more, straight ahead, so join us as we celebrate our ninety-ninth episode, here at that little café on the big blue Pacific coast… we’re the Sonic Café.
Scott Clark

Takes on the World: Kathy Kelly:US Role in KSA-UAE War Crimes in Yemen, Segment 1

1 semana 1 día ago
Renowned peace and nonviolence activist Kathy Kelly explains what is behind her long history of involvement in antiwar protests which has led her to take up the issue of US complicity in the Saudi Arabian-United Arab Emirates war on Yemen and its Houti militia, to the point, she argues that with selling the weaponry, in air refueling, and surveilling and selecting the bombing targets, that the US is leading the coalition that is killing and starving the Yemeni people after destroying the country's infrastructure. That destruction, she explains, is what led to the country's first cholera epidemic that took a million lives while pointing out that, given the deteriorating conditions and the lack of food, clean water and medical supplies, aid agencies have warned that another epidemic is on its way. Kelly describes how mercenaries from Chad and the Sudan, hired by the Saudis, have already cut a swath through the African coastline across from Yemen on their way to the fighting, the tortures experienced by captured Houti fighters and the disappeared which the remnants of the unelected Yemeni government can provide no accounting, She says that the main beneficiaries from the war are the US arms manufacturers who she names and shames and that it is incumbent upon the American people to mobilize not only to stop the fighting in Yemen but to roll back the record breaking multi billion dollar weapons appropriation. Pointing to past successes in difficult political terrain, she believes it can be done.
Jeff Blankfort

Takes on the World: Jeff Blankfort:News/Op:Yemen, Iran Sanctions, Corbyn Caves, Segment 1

1 semana 1 día ago
I begin with comment on USG and mainstream media minimizing Yemeni casualties while accepting unconfirmed Syrian death stats reported only by the Syrian Observatory on Human Rights, a one man anti-Syrian government operation run by a Syrian clothing store owner in Coventry, England, I then speak about the US re impositions of sanctions on Iran and secondary sanctions of any company or country that continues do business with Iran and the likely failure of the Europeans who oppose the sanctions to resist US threats and pressure. I note that Trump's bullying tactics reflect the way the US operates in the world and quote from a letter from Sen. Ted Cruz and 9 fellow Republican senators to the embassies of Britain, France and Germany, warning them against going against the wishes of the US Congress. I add a segment about the sanctions impact on SWIFT, the key outfit that facilitates global finance and note that its member banks have been warned that they, too, will be punished if they don't comply with US demands. I finish with a report on how the British Jewish establishment has been hounding Jeremy Corbyn over his and the Labour Party's alleged antisemitism and how, rather than stand and fight the allegations, Corbyn has caved.
Jeff Blankfort

The Michael Slate Show: Ann Wright, Ilan Pappe and Richard Falk: Gaza Freedom Flotilla Attacked and Israeli Apartheid Is Made Official with New Basic Law, Segment 1

1 semana 2 días ago
Ann Wright on Freedom Flotilla to Gaza, and the attack on the Al Awda, by Israeli soldiers in international waters. Historian and Author Ilan Pappe on Israel's Genocidal Assaults on Gaza, and the Israeli "Jewish Nation State" Basic Law. Richard Falk gives another perspective on the new basic law declaring Israel the Nation-State of the Jewish People.
Michael Slate

Sea Change Radio: Geoff Dembicki: A Glass Half-Full Approach To Climate Change, Segment 1

1 semana 2 días ago
As wildfires rage out of control for yet another summer and the Mueller investigation inches ahead at a seemingly glacial pace, there's a lot to be down about when it comes to politics and the environment. But this week on Sea Change Radio, we speak to a journalist who's trying to look at things through a more upbeat lens. By delving into things that should encourage us about our future on this planet, Geoff Dembicki offers plenty of reasons to keep fighting the good fight against climate change. Dembicki sheds some light on issues like housing, education and the hope of converting climate change deniers in an effort to put a spring in our collective steps, even in the face of some pretty dark times.
Sea Change Radio