Truth and Justice Radio: Dave Lewit on "What Would Gandhi Do?", Segment 1

1 semana 4 días ago
Dave Lewit spoke recently at the Community Church of Boston (CCB) on the subject "What Would Gandhi Do? Exploring the underpinnings and current applicability of the Mahatma's thought and action." Truth and Justice Radio was there and recorded it. His full prepared text is available at, the companion posting of this event. With Americans and the world facing climate or nuclear doom, and with irresponsible corporations in charge, can we the people get it together to save us all? Or are we looking for a new savior to point the way? Because Gandhi’s experience was close to our times, and because he helped liberate 400 million people (with questionable results), can his non-violent, spiritual-political approach work in the USA? Let’s explore this, considering the difficult role of empathy in positive power. Dave Lewit is a social psychologist and democracy activist with university teaching and research background. Known to some CCB and Alliance for Democracy members as editor, publisher, and mailer of a very special political periodical, BCA Dispatch (see, he has organized forums, roundtables, and symposiums for regional autonomy and for broader system transformation. Asked his religion, he has replied "Gandhian". It's an understatement to say he doesn't look or act like a nonagenarion (which he is). Lewit suggests that corporate media would make an apt target for satyagraha (nonviolent "truth force"), and emphasizes today's need for empathy with all contestants, enabled on a large scale by expanded physical and electronic Commons.
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Global Research News Hour: Global Research Remembers Edward Herman (1925-2017), Segment 1

1 semana 5 días ago
On this week's broadcast of the Global Research News Hour, we pay tribute to noted media critic and anti-war activist, and U.S. foreign policy dissident Edward Herman, on the occasion of his recent passing. Guests include in order of appearance, the writer, journalist and broadcaster Stephen Lendman, Jeff Cohen, founder of Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR), Writer and broadcaster Ann Garrison, and Mickey Huff, Director of Project Censored.
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Unusual Sources: Community College Faculty Reject College Board's poor offer, Segment 1

1 semana 5 días ago
We look at the strike of Ontario's community college faculty and staff. During the prior week, the province had forced striking OPSEU members to vote on management's last offer. The OPSEU members voted decisively against the offer as it did not address the main issues of precarious employment and academic freedom. Subsequently, the legislature passed back to work legislation. Doug gets an update on the situation from Kevin Mackay, VP of OPSEU Local 240, and a professor at Mohawk College.
Unusual Sources