This Week In Palestine: Rashid Khalidi on the chaos crying out for bona fide leadership, Segment 1

1 semana 5 días ago
Those of us concerned about the future of the Palestinian people view that future with increasing trepidation, not only because of the increasing severity of the Israeli military occupation, the continuing financial and political support of the United States, but also because of the unstable political environment and lack of leadership. Hamas rules Gaza, Fatah rules the West Bank, and those parties are continually at each other’s throats. Why is the political scene so chaotic and where is the new Palestinian leadership? In our first feature presentation today, those questions are put to Columbia University Professor Rashid Khalidi by Nader Hashemi at a conference sponsored by the Center for Middle East Studies at the Joseph Korbel School of International Studies. In a change of pace, our next presentation features another courageous Palestinian voice, that of architect, author, and storyteller, Suad Amiry. She speaks about the journey of her family following the Nakba, highlighted by commentary on some of her writings. We'll hear an interview of Suad Amiry by Riz Khan on the now defunct Al Jezeera English Network.
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Global Research News Hour: An Honest Witness: John Pilger on Truth-Telling in the Era of Mainstream Media 'Fake News', Segment 1

1 semana 5 días ago
Special guest interviewer Lesley Hughes interviews Academy and Emmy award-winning documentary film maker and investigative reporter John Pilger. Pilger, an Australian based in the United Kingdom since 1962, has produced dozens of documentaries over the course of his career. He is principally critical of the imperialist policies and agendas of the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. In this feature interview, Lesley and John discuss the role of the journalist and modern challenges to authentic journalism, the misleading characterization of North Korea as current tensions mount, the West's role in instigating the refugee crisis, the destruction of an authentic anti-war movement under President Obama, mainstream media warmongering on Russia, and the mendacity of 'hope'.
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