Donald Drumpf Theatre: Donald Drumpf Theatre Vol. 146 Abuse of Power, Segment 1

2 semaines 4 jours ago
An original radio theatre show each week, with most sounds culled from the previous week, about a fictional, theatrical presidency. Contradictions tell the story, with songs, skits, and clips from political news shows and late-night comedy routines. The definition of "radio theatre" is stretched here, with an updated Dickie Goodman and/or Richard Foreman-meets-mashup style sometimes, and a more straightforward take other weeks. Currently airing on 30 or 40 stations around the world, the network has ordered another 15 episodes, but there are threats of cancellation. Anyone who would like to work on a production, or have their work air in this timeslot, should contact
Wave Farm/WGXC 90.7-FM

The Sonic Cafe: Sonic Cafe #159/Scared Straight at Summer Camp, Segment 1

2 semaines 4 jours ago
Sonic Café with John Lennon music from his 1974 Walls and Bridges album, so hey glad you stopped by, I’m Scott Clark and this is episode 159. This time the Sonic Café gets you back on the right path. Listen for stand-up comedy from Shayne Smith in a little story Shayne calls Scared Straight at Summer Camp. Along with that we’ve pulled together an eclectic music mix covering 26 years. Listen for The Moody Blues, Pucho, Steve Hackett with beautiful vocals from Randy Crawford, plus Tony Levin, Better Than Ezra and of course many more. Then later the Sonic Café presents another classic movie moment from 1987’s Full Metal Jacket… if this clip doesn’t scare you straight nothing else will. Then listen for another commercial parody as the Sonic Café welcomes Lombank to the program. Lombank, the American bank that truly more or less cares about you. All that and probably some other stuff too. So get prepared to be Scared Straight this time from that little café on the coast that brings a weekly dose of creative, eclectic radio that’s fun. We’re the Sonic Café.
Scott Clark

Cheeze Pleeze # 801 , Segment 1

2 semaines 5 jours ago
We dare to squeeze the cheeze out of the juice with songs relate to the OJ Simpson trial in the 90s, get funky with some musical efforts of school bands, and a Charlie's Angel on a record? Yep

The Michael Slate Show: Peter Fritzsche, Claudia Koonz, Rise of Fascism in Germany - and the US; Bob Avakian, The Democratic Party: A Major Instrument of This Monstrously Oppressive System , Segment 1

2 semaines 5 jours ago
Peter Fritzsche, author of Life and Death in the Third Reich, An Iron Wind, and Germans Into Nazis. He deciphers the puzzle of Nazism's ideological grip. Bob Avakian, The Democratic Party: A Major Instrument of This Monstrously Oppressive System From Why We Need an Actual Revolution, and How We Can Really Make Revolution. Claudia Koonz talks about the rise and consolidation of fascism in the past and the threat of the consolidation of a fascist government in the US.
Michael Slate

This Week In Palestine: Rashid Khalidi on the current USA line regarding Jerusalem, Segment 1

2 semaines 5 jours ago
Professor Rashid Khalidi speaks in Vienna on the current USA/Trump behavior regarding Israel's outrageous antics, including its takeover of all of Jerusalem, and the glaring flaws dooming the so-called peace process. Khalidi is a US-Palestinian historian of the Middle East, the Edward Said Professor of Modern Arab Studies at Columbia University and director of the Middle East institute which is based there. In collaboration with the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, the Bruno Kreisky Forum for International Dialogue invited him to speak on the current political line of the USA regarding the issue of Jerusalem. Before this, we read a piece by Professor Ilan Pappé, writing about the Israeli defense ministry's efforts to remove damning documents from Israeli archives. Such documents have enabled Palestinian scholars to reveal an accurate picture of Israel's ethnic cleansing program.
Truth & Justice Radio (WZBC)

The Joe and Anthony Show: Episode 194 - Detachable Chicken Penises, Segment 1

2 semaines 5 jours ago
Remember, Your two loveable stoners move live to Tuesdays for awhile! In Anthony’s Weed Corner we found out people are passing off fentanyl as “weed” and we hear more about illegal vape pen sales! Come find out what we mean and then laugh with or at us, tune in to our live show every Tuesday night at 8pm eastern at
The Joe and Anthony Show

Sea Change Radio: Helen Mountford: The US Leaves Paris, Segment 1

2 semaines 5 jours ago
For years, climate denialists put forth the narrative that it would cripple the US economy to sign on to international climate agreements like the Kyoto Protocol. They said that other major carbon emitting countries like India and China needed to be on board in order for the US to join. It's clear now, however, that this narrative was always just a smokescreen. The Trump Administration is pulling the US out of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, which notably does include India and China, and is an historic accord representing more than 87% of global greenhouse gas emitters. This week on Sea Change Radio, we speak with Helen Mountford the Vice President for Climate and Economics at the World Resource Institute. She breaks down what the US withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement means. We look at when this withdrawal would actually go into effect, examine some Trumpian lies about the Agreement itself, and discuss the impact it will have on the US and the planet moving forward.
Sea Change Radio

The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit Show: George Wein - The Godfather of Music Festivals, Segment 1

2 semaines 5 jours ago
I'm guest-hosting WRIR's Cause and Effect Show today. It is one of my favorites to host and to listen to. Each week's host selects an artist than digs deep into the bands and artists that influenced the featured performer and in turns the bands and artists they influenced. Stream the show every Saturday from 1 PM to 3 PM @
The Man in the Gray Flannel suit Show