Teachers Take the Lessons of the Classrooms to the Streets from West Virginia to Oklahoma, Kentucky and Arizona, Segment 1

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Teachers Take the Lessons of the Classrooms to the Streets from West Virginia to Oklahoma, Kentucky and Arizona with . Nema Brewer, a school employee and organizer, Fayette County, Ky. . Teresa Danks, Grimes Elementary School teacher, Tulsa, Okla. . Derek Harris, Tucson Unified District, middle school music teacher The victorious wildcat strike in W. Virginia ushered in a new wave of teacher and state worker activism and strikes organized by the rank and file with their unions racing to catch up. Teachers without bargaining rights in Oklahoma, Kentucky and Arizona and where striking is illegal & their unions weak summoned their courage and walked off the job. The workers in Kentucky entered the fray en masse with a sick-out after a surprise attack by the state government on their pension rights. The strikes and mass protests have been led by the workers themselves forming new organizations often based on face book sites which host full-throttle conversations of what to do next such as Arizonas face book group that organized the #RedForEd campaign and Kentuckys KY120 United. They are fighting years of budget cuts which translate into low wages and benefits and as importantly for these workers reduced school budgets meaning overcrowded classrooms, lacking basic supplies, updated books and educational materials. They are fighting for themselves and their students and have rejected deals to separate the issues. Workers have been under brutal attack & unionization has been in decline for over 40 years. The employer offensive against unions has included all-out war against militant action and especially strikes. Yet it has only been in the periods of struggle and strikes for the private sector in the 1930s and late 40s and the public sector in the 1960s that unions have grown and workers prospered. Now the West Virginia workers have sparked workers across the land to embrace their rekindled militancy.
Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg

This Week In Palestine: Two brutally unjust "justice" systems: Carl Williams and Ziad Samorouch compare US and Israeli incarceration patterns, Segment 1

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On March 28th, The Cambridge Bethlehem People to People Project held the first of what they hope will be a series of informal coffee house presentations offering films, talks, and discussions concerning the Palestine struggle against Israeli colonialism and apartheid. This first offering took place in conjunction with three Harvard student organizations and was held in Harvard Yard. It featured Palestinian Refugee, Journalist, and film maker, Ziad Samarouch who also serves on the staff of the Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA), and staff attorney of the ACLU, and member of the National Layers Guild, Carl Williams who joined each other in drawing parallels between incarceration patterns in Palestine and the United States. This Week In Palestine was there to record the presentations for broadcast today. As is often the case, some of the presentation included a power point presentation, but the narrative informs us of what is going on and therefore the broadcast is relevant for a radio broadcast even if we cannot see the images, and even though it requires some creative editing. We begin with Attorney Carl Williams speaking about the US’s so called Criminal Justice System, and will flow immediately to Ziad Samarouches description and analysis of the Israeli tide of incarcerations of children and young people on the streets of Palestine today.
Truth & Justice Radio (WZBC)

Global Research News Hour: A Salute to Michael C Ruppert: Connecting the Dots Like No One Else , Segment 1

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On this week's Global Research News Hour, we mark the fourth anniversary of the passing of noted LAPD whistleblower, investigative journalist, and peak oil activist Michael Ruppert. Over the course of the show, we will feature perspectives from close friends and associates, including Carolyn Baker, Jamey Hecht, Barry Silverthorn, Jenna Orkin, Mark Robinowitz, and Mimi German. We will also feature excerpts of previous CKUW interviews with Michael Ruppert!
CKUW news

Ellenie Cruz of the NOLA Herb Gathering 2018

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Kezia speaks with Ellenie Cruz of the NOLA Herb Gathering, coming up on April 15th. A full day of information sharing, classes, and education about local plant medicine practices and how they connect to the culture of people historically from New Orleans.
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