Sounds Irish: Sounds Irish 10-11-18, Segment 1

1 semaine 4 jours ago
Sounds Irish is a weekly program coming straight from County Wicklow in Ireland, hosted by Joe Bollard, one of the elder statesmen of the Irish show band scene. Each program features a variety of Irish and Irish-related songs from many different genres, along with a healthy dose of banter from your host. Please consider adding Sounds Irish to your stations' weekly lineup of programs. All we ask is that we know where the show is being aired so that we can give mention on the program. To contact the show, it is best to send email to Joe Bollard directly at The 2-hour program is posted weekly in multiple parts for broadcasters to insert their own breaks.
Out of the Woods Radio

Global A Go-Go: October 10, 2018, Segment 1

1 semaine 5 jours ago
Four artists who'll be appearing at this weekend's 14th annual Richmond Folk Festival: Sona Jobarteh from The Gambia, the world's foremost female kora player; the Puerto Rican salsa band Orquesta El Macabeo, who played live on Global A Go-Go three years ago; the kings of Jamaican nyabinghi drumming, Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus; and Tribu Baharu, bringing the madness of Colombian champeta to Richmond
Bill Lupoletti

Takes on the World: Dr. Eyad Sarraj on Gaza in Gaza in 2004, Segment 1

1 semaine 5 jours ago
In this never before aired conversation, recorded in Gaza City in 2004, the last year of the 2nd Intifada and the year before Israel's “withdrawal” of its Jewish settlers and its occupying army, the well respected Palestinian psychiatrist, Dr. Eyad Serraj, who died in 2013, speaks about the traumatic effects that the years of Israeli military occupation have had on the people of Gaza and how it has damaged/affected every aspect of their lives; how boys view their fathers and how it influences their actions, the differences in how boys and girls react to the conflict, what it does to marriages, to the situation and possibilities of women; how people go back and forth from hopelessness to hope, the appeal of martyrdom and much more. Dr. Sarraj pulled no punches in that conversation nor did he hold back his criticism of his old friend Yasser Arafat who had him arrested three times and beaten for publicly criticizing the torture being carried out in Palestinian Authority prisons which he would come to experience himself.
Jeff Blankfort

Takes on the World: Jeff Blankfort:News/Op:Gaza, Haley, Demos & Israel, Segment 1

1 semaine 5 jours ago
I began the program with reviewing some of the violence in Gaza that the mainstream media has been ignoring together with some background on the situation and speak briefly of my trip to Gaza in 2004 where I spoke with Palestinian psychiatrist, Eyad Sarraj. I go from there to the resignation of Nikki Haley as the US (and Israel's) UN ambassador and how US Jewish organizations are in a state of shock, suggesting that Israel should have paid half her salary or she should have had to register as a foreign agent. I move on to a NY Times story of how young Democrat candidates appear to be breaking with party's unconditional support for Israel and not the article notes a lightly publicized Pew poll that shows the Israel now tops Palestine in popularity among Americans by only 2%, down from 14% two years ago which may be the bigger story. From there I move on to Kay Bailey Hutchison, Trump's NATO ambassador, threatening to destroy Russian missiles and finish with noting that Sunday was the 17th anniversary of the US attack on Afghanistan and the Taliban and that while civilians and Afghan military continue to be killed on a daily basis there are no prospects for negotiations to end the war.
Jeff Blankfort

Vyzygoth's Clubhouse: Orwell & Huxley - Final, Segment 1

1 semaine 5 jours ago
Devotees of Orwell and Huxley have endlessly debated whether one would likely be more accurate than the other in his dark view of the future. Some think that one’s prescience was necessarily the abnegation of the other’s. In these audios, besides discussing the wrong approach with which these books were presented in high school, treating them more as metaphors rather than credible forewarnings about the potential dangers looming in the future. The works’ strong points are also advanced and treated as confirmation that Orwell and Huxley, jointly, were far more right than wrong. But now that the days they envisioned are upon us, how much of their dim views have come and are coming
A. L. Aric

PGP: Wagging the Moondoggie - Part 4, Segment 1

1 semaine 5 jours ago
Did America go to the moon? A controversial topic, but one worthy of consideration on a few practical levels. Presented as food for thought, we'll peruse the subject by way of a casual reading of Wagging the Moondoggie, as assembled by late author and prolific researcher David McGowan. Full series -
Pure Grace