PGP: Lincoln - Parts 3 & 4, Segment 1

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Who killed Abraham Lincoln?.. We all know the official story, but much can be potentially lost and buried amid 150 years of propaganda, distraction and endless war. Feel free to join us on a practical and entertaining journey through the topic by way of a casual reading of Why Everything You Think You Know About the Lincoln Assassination is Wrong (Anatomy of a Presidential Assassination), as compiled by late author and researcher, David McGowan and the Center for an Informed America.
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Class War Battlefield Podcast: Episode 2018.12. Stolen 2018 Election, Probably not – Though History Conspires Against My Optimism, Segment 1

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I recorded this episode twice to ensure my message was clear. I am not saying the 2018 Election was stolen, though some historical evidence suggests it could be. More on that in the episode! Get ready to board my time machine were we go back to the year 2000, looking at the moves made after that stolen election to take the flawed machinery and tactics ensuring the wrong person ended up in the white house was then distributed throughout the country by 2004 to ensure – what exactly? My guess, the prevention of a left turning social order, a reality predicted by various polls in the late 1990s. We then return to the present day to deconstruct the lunacy known as Identity Politics which seems to only apply to Black People who ask the Democratic Party for anything. Don’t believe me, well stay tuned because I go through a list of others who aren’t seen as promoting identity politics whenever they become active in demanding the Democratic party do something for their group. I finish by acknowledging the difficulty presented by my offering such a devastating critique of identity politics. Hopefully it helps Progressive push through their resistance to true Black Community Needs.
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The way to health is consciousness of our interdependence. In this interview Latin Waves Host Sylvia Richardson we speak with Aymara elder Marcelo Saavedra a professor of Indigenous Studies in Ottawa about the path to wholeness. The sacred teachings of Quechua Aymara people about the path to coexistence. From quantum physics to sacred practice coexisting well, this interview will awake the sacred in you as we grow powerful in collaboration.