Audio from 911 Truth Movement Protest in Chicago

By Anonymous (not verified), 3 June, 2006
Rita Sand

911 Truth Movement activists kicked of the 911 Revealing the Truth Conference in Chicago with a protest that began in Daley Plaza in downtown Chicago and continued the headquarters of ABC, The Chicago Tribune and WGN.

About one hundred protestors carrying upside down flags, wearing skeleton masks or shirts asking "What really happened?" gathered in Daley Plaza at 4:00 pm to call attention to questions left unanswered by the 911 Commission. The rally kicks off the 911 Revealing the Truth Conference this weekend at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Rosemont.

Speakers at the rally included:

Alex Jones, radio host of and
Jeanette McKinley, 911 survivor
Ralph Schoenman, activist and writer

Plus three clips from the protest outside ABC headquarters.