Dissident Island Radio - 16th May 2008

By Anonymous (not verified), 5 June, 2008
Dissident Island


Broadcasting from Bowl Court in Central London,

This weeks show features an interview with someone from Keep it in the Ground talking about actions against a new coal mine in Derby, as well as someone from the Lakenheath Action Group talking about Three strikes and you're out; part of a larger campaign for the withdrawal of US bombs from Britain. We'll have an activist from the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) into talk to us about getting organised at work, upcoming events and campaigns, and the relevance of trade unions in today's society. The Manchester Anarchist Bookfair is taking place on the 7th of June, so we've got some details and information on that. We also have Martin from the LARC library on the show for Dissident Island Disks. And, we have DJ Slippahz on the decks with some dubstep later too....so it promises to be a wicked show