WSQT Broadcast for July 31

By Anonymous (not verified), 31 July, 2009
WSQT Direct Action Radio 88.1 FM in DC


Here is WSQT Radio's playlist from the July 31 broadcast. This 51 minute playlist repeated a little over 2 times in the course of the 2 hour broadcast.

Pirate radio song
Station ID
Palestine Today for July 30
Iraq Update for July 31
Desertion song 1 1/2 min clip
ETA(Basques) blows up police barracks in Spain!
station ID
Honduras Update
Coverage of July 28 protest at State Dept for Honduras
Coverage of July 30 Single Payer healthcare rally on Capitol Hill
Coverage of July 30 union protest at Crystal City Sheraton
station ID
Congo mining and human rights short from Between the Lines(BTL)
Stirring Promo-NO to MTR coal mining!
Electronic Freedom Foundation sues over Bushg-era spying(BTL)
Harvard Professor abused by cops(BTL)
Desert Rat-I really like the cops(sarcastic song and Copwatch promo)