WSQT (DC pirate) Broadcast for Oct 13

By Anonymous (not verified), 14 October, 2009
WSQT Direct Action Radio 88.1 FM in DC


Here is WSQT Direct Action radio's broadcast playlist from Oct 13-the day after "Colombus Day."

Pirate radio song
Station ID
Fri protests in W Bank, settlers beseige al-Aqsa mosque(From This week in Palestine)
Iraq/Pakistan/Afghanistan Update for Oct 13
Desertion song (clip)
Oil Anthem(Iron shiek) 18 second clip
Station ID
Funk the War Oct 7:Protesters storm Blackwater lobbyist's DC HQ (R)
"Radical Queer" activists protest HRC fundraiser w/ Obama
Coverage of national Equality March
Colombus Day sucks: Three shot protest in Guatamala protesting Colombus legacy
Bristol-Myers Squibb board member gets late-night HLS home demo
From Between the Lines: Health care "reform" bill useless, single payer only solution
Fair Trade Bloc speaks out at immigrant rally on Capitol Hill Oct 13