Gaza Freedom March - interview with Robert Naiman of Just Foreign Policy

By Anonymous (not verified), 29 December, 2009
Andrew Ó Baoill


Edited interview with Robert Naiman of Just Foreign Policy. Naiman is taking part in the Gaza Freedom March, and is currently in Cairo. Interview was via Skype, so of mixed quality.

Interviewer/producer: Andrew Ó Baoill
Interviewee: Robert Naiman
Other audio: extract from Democracy Now, 24 December (Hedy Epstein talking)

A year ago this week, Israel began an offensive against Hamas-controlled Gaza, and a blockade continues to this day. Andrew Ó Baoill (Oh-B'whale) reports on attempts by international activists to draw attention to the plight of the population of Gaza.

That was Andrew O Baoill (Oh-B'whale) speaking with Robert Naiman in Cairo.