On the Copenhagen Climate Conference: Voices from Africa

By Anonymous (not verified), 13 January, 2010
Zahra Moloo


This audio piece features interviews with representatives of different countries across sub-Saharan Africa who were at the Copenhagen climate conference. Wahu Kaara of the Kenya Debt Relief Network provides a critique of the UN climate change conference and addresses the significance of the Copenhagen mobilisation for movements in Kenya; Demba Moussa Dembélé, from the Jubilee South campaign in Senegal, talks about the need for sufficient funds to flow from the North to the South to compensate for ecological and climate debt; Julia Agwu from the University of Nigeria in Nsukka gives an analysis of gender and climate change and the impacts of climate change on women in Nigeria; and finally, Mabule Mokhine of the Greenhouse People's Environment Centre in Johannesburg explains the process by which land dispossession in South Africa was consolidated at the end of the apartheid and the need for collaborations between global grassroots movements.

* Zahra Moloo is an independent journalist from Kenya who focuses on mining and environmental justice issues. She is currently based in London, UK.

* For more information, please see the People's Protocol on Climate Change, Jubilee South, EarthLife Africa, The Greenhouse Project, Klimaforum, Climate Justice Action and Indymedia Denmark.

* This is an independently produced audio piece, which previously featured on Wednesday 30 December 2009 on the Amandla! radio show at CKUT 90.3FM radio station in Montreal, Canada.