WSQT (DC Pirate) March 9 broadcast

By Anonymous (not verified), 9 March, 2010
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Here is the playlist from our March 9 broadcast

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Palestine Today for March 8
War Update March 9: Iraq election under blizzard of bombs, police station suicide bombed in Pakistan
Israel Ballet on Sliver Spring draws protest
Between the Lines: Torture lawyers escape justice
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5,000 march on health insurance lobbyists in DC, cops get nasty
Between the Lines:Obamacare benfits insurance companies, not the sick
War of the Trees: Intro
Bob Barker Bridage protests whaling at Japanese Embassy March 5
Fur protests hit Dior, Neimans, Andriana's Furs March 6
HLS protests in DC March 4


Transcript: War Update for March 9:

That's the dream of an elected, pro-US regime in Iraq going up in smoke!

Iraq, 7th of March: Insurgents launched a blizzard of morning attacks on the day of the election, with bombs and mortars going off everywhere. At least 33 people were killed, including 26 in the bombing of a polling place in Baghdad. It is estimated that there were more than 100 attacks altogether.

Baghdad, 7th of March: Three mortar rounds thundered into the heavily fortified Green Zone

Fallujah, Iraq, 7th of March: Six roadside bombs and 4 mortar rounds were fired at polling places.

Mosul, Iraq, 7th of March: A grenade thrown into a polling place injured 7 people.

Diyala Province, Iraq, 7th of March: an estimated 36 home made bombs and stun bombs and five mortar rounds targeted polling centres in and around Baquba, early Sunday injuring two civilians.

On top of all the violence, there are rumblings that whoever loses Sunday's election-one that was held under a blizzard of bombs and mortars-may refuse to recognize the results.

Afghanistan hasn't been so easy for US and NATO occupation troops either. They say they have pacified Marja, but the Nazis once said that of Stalingrad. Like Stalingrad, Marja is a sniper's nest, and at least three ocupation soldiers have been killed by "small arms fire attacks' just since Sunday. That's in addition to the usual losses from roadside bombs.

Afghanistan, Monday: The Taliban fought and won a battle with the rival Hekmatyr militia, leaving them in control of several villages they did not previously control. The battle ended with about 70 of Hekmatyr's troops retreating and surrendering to occupation forces.

Lahore, Pakistan, Monday: An Oklahoma City-style car bomber levelled a building where police interrogate high-value suspects killing at least 12 people and wounding 61 more accourdint to official sources.
The explosion went off outside a Punjab province police building, police official Zulfikar Hameed said. TV footage showed a huge crater in the ground where the blast originated. It appeared the suicide bomber rammed a car packed with as much as 1,300 pounds of explosives into the building's perimeter wall, officials said. Much of the police building collapsed, leaving piles of bricks and metal, TV footage showed.

Mr Barrack Obama, does that sound like the US has won in Iraq or can win in Afghanistan? There is only one reasonable alternative-bring all the troops home from BOTH wars. That's why people voted you into office-to bring the troops home TODAY!


Transcript- 5,000 march on health insurance lobbyists in DC, cops get nasty:

Obama's health care proposal is now officially an issue that brings out people in the street and leads to police brutality. On the 9th of march, protesters with a variety of demands for reforming health care encountered the same police violence that animal rights protesters and Funk the War participants know so well.At least 5,000 people-that's brigade strength in military terms-took to the streets, and at least 300 tried to enter the Ritz Carlton, where health insurance lobbyists-the people who REALLY shaped the bill now before Congresss-were meeting.

(clip-crowd cheer)

(tape-First hand observer)


(estimate 300 people, middle ages and older entered hotel Ritz-Carlton

police brandished pepper spray

3 police horses went under overhang

grabbed elderly with canes ,pushed and threw

number of arrests-two witnessed)

At WSQT Radio, we do NOT support the bill currently before Congress, we support abolishing the health insurance corporations and adopting a single-payer model. None the less, we feel that people taking on fat-cat lobbyists have a right not to be thrown around and menaced with pepper spray and horses by police.This goes double for elders, who are vulnerable to serious physical injury from being tossd about like Funk the War participants and animal rights protesters so often have been.