WSQT (DC Pirate) Broadcast for April 15

By Anonymous (not verified), 16 April, 2010
WSQT Direct Action Radio 88.1 FM


Here is the playlist from our April 15 broadcast:

Pirate Radio song
Station ID
Palestine Today for April 14
hundreds of extrajudicial killings by Pakistani Army-Short from between the Lines
War update: US troops throw in the towel in Afghan valley
Between the Lines: Prez can send CIA to kill Americans
Station ID
Wrapup of DC nuclear Security summit:protests-and an occupied neighborhood
PROMO: Anticapitalathon Games to cooincide with IMF/Workld Bank meetings
Japanese Whalers short of quota by 500 whales, whaling ship sabotaged in Norway
Novartis and Astra-Zenica get HLS protests in DC
Between the Lines: FCC overruled on Net Neutrality