WSQT(DC Pirate) Broadcast for June 3

By Anonymous (not verified), 3 June, 2010
WSQT Direct Action Radio 88.1 FM in DC


Here is the playlist from our June 3 broadcast, including our second special section on Isra-Hell's attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla.

Pirate Radio song
Station ID
Intro to Gaza freedom flotilla coverage w/ sound from earlier DC solidarity boat
Isra-Hell attack Gaza Freedom Flotilla w/sound from al-Jazeera sattelite feed of attack
Palestine Today for June 3
Audio coverage of May 31 White House protest of Gaza Flotilla attack
Turkish protesters storm Israeli consulate
Between the Lines coverage of worldwide protest and reaction to attack on Gaza aid ships
War continues in Iraq and Afghanistan:Peace Jirga shelled in Afghanistan, 3 US vehicles burn in Iraq
Station ID
Lori Berenson released-short coverage from Between the Lines
Supporters of Peruvian indigenous people protest oil and murder at Alan Garcia's White House visit
Between the Lines coverage of BP's failed oil spill response
Salvadorans and supporters protest "free trade" lawsuit over expelled gold mine
Arizona and ICE "Secure Communities" opponents protest in DC
DC council gets breakfast suprise over brutal budget cuts
Bailed-out bankers get big perks-short from Between the Lines
Mercy for Animals investigates torture or farm animals, wins conviction-short from Between the Lines