WSQT (DC Pirate) Broadcast for June 15

By Anonymous (not verified), 15 June, 2010
WSQT Direct Action Radio 88.1 FM in DC


Here is the playlist from our June 15th broadcast:

Pirate Radio song
Station ID
Between the Lines on the interception of the Gaza relief ship Rachael Corrie
Palestine Today for June 14
Between the Lines on tent city defending West Bank land from settlers
War Update June 15: lithium, gold, blood, and oil
Desertion Song-clip
ACLU on drone strikes
Station ID
Shrimper arrested for pouring oil on herself in Congress
Niger Delta oil pollution worse than Gulf spill-short from Between the Lines
GMO song
3 DC HLS customers get protests June 10 at their offices
Perdue attacks MD environmental law program