Tariq Ali on the current USA empire - MUST HEAR

By Anonymous (not verified), 8 April, 2011
Tariq Ali


Excellent speech on the United States empire, with historical background,
held in Auckland, New Zealand 21 March 2011

Original lecture title: US power today: The global hegemon (Sir Douglas Robb Lectures)

Auckland university introductory text:

Iraq and Afghanistan, Japan and South Korea are still occupied - in different ways - by the US and its allies but imperial overstretch is beginning to set in. Nonetheless US politico-military hegemony, while weakened, is still in place. The EU, Australia/New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea remain loyal satraps with occasional voicing of discontent. How long can this last?

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He quotes Polanyi "actual money, finally, is merely a token of purchasing power which, as a rule, is not produced at all, but comes into being through the mechanism of banking or state finance."

Tariq Ali born 21 October 1943, is a British Pakistani military historian, intellectual, novelist, filmmaker, political campaigner, and commentator.