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By Anonymous (not verified), 9 April, 2011
Tariq Ali


EXCELLENT talk on China with historical summary and instructive vignettes, some humour and a Q&A session, 1 hour 15 minutes, edited, compressed and adapted for radio by (please appreciate the work by donating for a non-profit, political-educational and lectures FM radio station)

Tariq Ali born 21 October 1943, is a British Pakistani military historian, intellectual, novelist, filmmaker, political campaigner, and commentator.

Talk 1 Tariq Ali talks about the current Middle East Revolutions

Talk 2 Tariq Ali on the current USA empire:

Introductory text by Auckland University (people-owned institution)

Empire and its futures. A series of three lectures by Tariq Ali.

In a changing world with American military power transcending US economic weaknesses, the amazing rise of China and the continuing occupations in the Arab world and South Asia, what are the likely outcomes? Is it the case, as many argue, that the US empire is now in irretrievable decline?

The rise of China

The emergence of China as the world's economic powerhouse has shifted the centre of the global market eastwards. Its growth rates are the envy of elites everywhere, its commodities circulate even in the tiniest Andean street markets, its leaders are courted by governments strong and weak. These developments have ignited endless discussion on the country and its future. The mainstream media are essentially concerned with the extent to which Beijing is catering to the economic needs of Washington, while think-tankers worry that China will sooner or later mount a systematic challenge to the political wisdom of the West.

Academic debate, meanwhile, usually concentrates on the exact nature and the mechanics of contemporary capitalism in China. The optimists of the intellect argue that its essence is determined by the Chinese Communist Party's continued grip on power, seeing China's pro-market turn as a version of the Bolsheviks' New Economic Policy; in more delirious moments, they argue that China's leaders will use their new economic strength to build a socialism purer than anything previously attempted, based on proper development of the productive forces and not the tinpot communes of the past.
Others, by contrast, hold that a more accurate name for the ruling party would not even require a change of initials-Communist is easily replaced with Capitalist. A third view insists that the Chinese future is simply not foreseeable; it is too soon to predict it with any certainty. Whatever the evolution, what is the likely global impact 30 years from now?

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