WSQT (DC Pirate) Broadcast for May 23

By Anonymous (not verified), 24 May, 2011
WSQT Direct Action radio 88.1 FM in DC

Here is the playlist from our May 23 broadcast:

Pirate Radio Song
Station ID
Palestine Today for May 23
AIPAC protest nets arrest, confrontation with police
War Update for May 23
Between the Lines: Drone strikes infuriate Pakistanis
Desertion Song (clip)
What if Army ads had health warnings?
Station ID
Homeless and Empower DC swarm DC City Council
West End Library closing alert-Suddenly it's 2007?
Keep DC Wal-Mart free anthem
solar advocates protest at PEPCO AGM (board meeting)
Between the Lines:Severe weather tied to global warming
Between the Lines short: Bahrain prosecutes doctors for treating wounded protesters