By Anonymous (not verified), 27 July, 2011
Michael Slate


"Prisoner Hunger Strike Update, Taking on the Stigmatization of Abortion and Standing Up Against the Christian Fascists in Operation Rescue During the Summer of Trust at Dr. Carhart's New Abortion Clinic"

Li Onesto, Journalist, Revolution Newspaper, updates the news about the Prisoner Hunger Strike in the Pelican Bay SHU and other Supermax prisons in California, including the end of the strike at Pelican Bay and the continuing struggle at other prisons.

Alison Norris, Post doctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, talks about the important new study she helped author, "Abortion Stigma: A Reconceptualization of Constituents, Causes & Consequences."

Sunsara Taylor,Journalist, Revolution Newspaper & National Board of World Can't Wait, talks about the launch of the Summer of Trust and the ampaign to defend Dr. LeRoy Carhart's new clinic in Germantown, MD, from the Christian Fascist mobs assembled against the clinic by Operation Rescue.