Houston Indymedia Radio Show 9 16 11- tar sands/Keystone XL; FBI informant Brandon Darby

By Anonymous (not verified), 17 September, 2011
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Interview 1:

Intro: Earlier today Houston Indymedia spoke with local activist Scarlett Russell about Transcanada's Keystone XL Pipeline. In this interview she explains what tar sand is, what the Keystone pipeline is, and why it is disastrous to the Gulf as well as to the environment in general. She also announces upcoming anti-pipeline events....
Outro: You have just heard from Scarlett Russell, a local Houston activist who is fighting hard against the Keystone XL Pipeline. To contact her about this issue, you can email her at scarlett.russell@att.net. Also, for more information about the Keystone XL Pipeline, be sure to attend the presentation at Sedition Books on Thursday the 22nd at 7 30 PM, located at 901 Richmond Ave. This presentation will be a report back by Houston activists who were arrested at last month’s anti-Keystone action in DC. Once again, this event will be Thursday, the 22nd at 7 30 PM, at Sedition Books, located at 901 Richmond Ave.

Interview 2:

On Sept. 6, PBS aired the documentary film “Better This World”, which follows the story of Bradley Crowder and David Mckay, two anti war activists, as they prepare to participate in demonstrations at the 2008 National Republican Convention. Both Brad and David were eventually accused and convicted of domestic terrorism charges stemming from having made 8 molotov cocktails that were never used. According to the film makers, "Better This World", follows the radicalization of Brad and David, and their eventual entrapment by FBI informant, Brandon Darby, who today, makes his living, speaking out against progressive forces, and peddling a right wing agenda.
The film makers also use the film to raise questions of dissent, and civil liberties, post 9/11.

watch the film here: http://video.pbs.org/video/2112607897

This is an interview with Esteban Tovar, who also made that trip from Austin to Minneapolis with Brad, David, and FBI informant Brandon Darby.