Occupy Portland 10/18 stream archive by KBOO

By Anonymous (not verified), 24 October, 2011


Hour one: Includes interviews with out of work print shop manager, nine-year old Elena, and Christopher Robinson

Hour two: Includes interviews with Jack about his choice to camp, description of Cornel West's arrest at Occupy DC, We are the 99 percent new hip hop song, description of Wells Fargo account-closing action, Amir of Muslim Community Center in Portland, Alejandro talking about Latino community

Hour three: Includes interview with Shaheed Buttar about Afghanistan, committee needs from Occupy Portland, Calvin from American Indian Movement, 22-yr old Josh on doing the impossible, Jeff Reifman with Envision Seattle on avoiding co-optation of the movement, Ibrahim Mubarak on 'Right to Dream Too', Spo Gibbens.

Hour four: Includes a recently-fired insurance company worker, young woman calling for 'unified nonviolence', homeless man on living in the street