Occupy Portland 10/20 stream archive by KBOO

By Anonymous (not verified), 24 October, 2011


Part one - includes interview with hunger striking camper, elder camper in wheelchair

Part two - Campers Michael Wilden and Nadine on the welcoming environment of Occupy Portland

Part three - Camper Wayne Potter and Kent Ford, father of political prisoner Lumumba Ford

Part four - more discussion on Lumumba Ford and prisons

Part five - interview with veteran on Central America black ops by US forces

Part six - parody interview with 'banker', Mitchell with 'PEE Party (Pissed Enough Already)', hunger striker 10th day update, Adam Michael on the cost of war and solutions for veterans

Part seven - Discussion on spirituality, folk musician with acoustic guitar, then discussion on technology and 'science' of economics by workshop presenter William on 'Reality-based economics'

Part eight - local musician John sings the blues, then Rachel sings Lean on Me - KBOO open mic

Parts nine & ten- Megan interviews massage therapist Matthew on spirituality, psychology, military and therapy