By Anonymous (not verified), 14 December, 2011
Michael Slate


"Mumia Abu Jamal, 30 Years After the Frame-up Began the Death Sentence is Replaced with Life in Jail, Cornel West & Carl Dix Dialogue, and A Voice Against the Savage Treatment of the Elderly"

On the 30th anniversary of the night that began the frame-up of former Black Panther and revolutionary activist Mumia Abu Jamal, David Lindorff, journalist/author,, explores the history of the legal frame-up and the story behind the Philadelphia DA's decision not to pursue the reinstatement of the death penalty against Mumia.

Carl Dix, Revolutionary Communist Party and Cornel West, Public Intellectual and Activist, dialogue about "In the Age of Obama...Police Terror, Incarceration, No Jobs, Mis-education: What Future for Our Youth?"

Pat Kinevane, actor and playwright, discusses his play "Forgotten" and its unique exploration of the life and dignity of the elderly in the face of a world that treats them like a burden and a waste.