Occupy Bozeman Member Speaks About Seattle WTO Protest Experience Following Screening of "Breaking the Spell"

By Anonymous (not verified), 27 January, 2012
Jim Macdonald - N. Rockies Independent Media


On January 26, 2012, the Industrial Workers of the World Club at Montana State University, the Northern Rockies Independent Media Network, and Occupy Bozeman held a screening of the movie Breaking the Spell, about the 1999 World Trade Organization protests in Seattle.

The event, held at Montana State, also featured Phil Knight, from Occupy Bozeman, who participated in the WTO protests. Phil shared both his experiences on the ground and talked about what the WTO protests were about. You can see his presentation in the video clip below (or listen to it in the provided audio clip).

The event also featured the Northern Rockies Independent Media Network talking about Bozeman's new indymedia site here at http://www.rockyMT.org. The presentation talked about the origins of indymedia out of the Seattle protests, how the group in Bozeman started, and how everyone can use the open publishing features on the site.

The video clips below show a scene filmed at the event last night showing part of the closing credits (in the style of some parts of the movie which film people watching a 60 Minutes story about the black bloc actions featured in the movie), as well as Phil Knight's talk (though audio is better in audio clip). The audio file of Phil's talk is also playing with our other independent media content on our radio station.