By Anonymous (not verified), 1 February, 2012
Michael Slate


This week's show is drawn from an interview with Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, on many of the questions of the revolution, questions that are now being asked and debated: What's the nature of society? Who's responsible for all the horrors in the world? How do we change it? And what are we going to do in the new world?

A number of years ago Michael Slate conducted a multi-part interview with Bob Avakian on some of the pressing questions faced by those who ache for a revolutionary change in Society. In this section of the interview we spend some time looking at the experience of socialism in the Soviet Union and China, both the shortcomings and errors and the overwhelmingly positive experience of these societies. It features a discussion of the Cultural Revolution in China and the role of art, artists and dissent in socialist society.