By Anonymous (not verified), 4 April, 2012
Michael Slate


"An American Anthem: What's Behind Murdering Soldiers in Afghanistan, Racist Vigilante Killers in Florida and the Blind Arrogance of White Privilege on Stage"

Kathleen Barry, Professor Emerita/author, takes on the assertion that Sgt. Bales was simply a deranged soldier who went nuts and slaughtered 17 people, mainly women and children, in Afghanistan. Barry argues instead that this kind of sociopathic behavior is rooted in the training, mission and purpose of the US military.

Carl Dix, Revolutionary Communist Party, digs into the system behind the murder of Trayvon Martin and what it's going to take to end this kind of thing once and for all.

Special segment: Bob Dylan singing "The Ballad of Emmett Till";

Philip Casnoff & Tracey A. Leigh, Actors, talk about the latest play from playwright Andrew Dolan, "The Many Mistresses of Martin Luther King" and how it's proving to be a concentration of some of the hottest
questions regarding race in America.