By Anonymous (not verified), 27 June, 2012
Michael Slate


"Amnesty International Sells US War, US Troops Moving In On Africa and Getting Down to BAsics with the People of Sanford, Florida"

Ann Wright, Ret. US Colonel, and former State Dept. official who left the State Dept in opposition to the War on Iraq, calls out Amnesty International's new campaign to paint the War on Afghanistan as a NATO humanitarian effort and the dangers that poses for the world.

Glen Ford, Journalist and executive editor of Black Agenda Report, discusses the role of AFRICOM and the recent escalation in the number of US troops stationed in Africa.

Michael Slate and people from Sanford, Florida: Part 1 of a series called "Getting Down to BAsics with the People of Sanford" - interviews with people in Sanford as they meet up with a movement for revolution and the work and vision of Bob Avakian.